It's a Big Dill: The World's Largest Handbag!

Call us crazy... but we've decided to break the Guinness Book Record for the World's Largest Handbag! We'll be making our attempt from Sunday, July 9 - Tuesday, July 11 in the North Waiting Room of Philly's 30th Street Station! Why??? 1) To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Career Wardrobe-- a wonderful organization in Philly and 2) because we think it'd be super fun!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Day 2 - How many pickles does it take to sew a hot pink purse lining together?

With yours truly out running errands and picking up supplies today, the ladies of Viv Pickle flew solo on Day 2 of our quest for the World's Largest Handbag. The agenda for today was to sew the lining: a total of 119 yards (how big is a football field again?) of hot pink broadcloth strips sewn together into larger panels that will be easier to handle when we get to 30th St Station on Sunday.

The lining strips were sewn together with the same system that we used for the puffy yesterday, but the much thinner and smoother material was a lot easier to work with, leaving plenty of time for goofy photo opportunities.

Answer to Q above: It takes a whole studio full of pickles: one to sew, one to pull, two to straighten, and the rest to take advantage of goofy photo opportunities. And incidentally, staring at bright pink for a long time makes everything else look green. Green like a pickle! Try it at home for hours of fun.

Tomorrow: Starting to sew the exterior... and cutting the handles and ties!

Photos from top to bottom:
TOP: Janette S. at the machine, Katie H. pulling, Lisa G. in the middle and Rebecca L. at the end
NEXT: Lisa is LOVING it! Check out that smile!!!
NEXT: A pink (and purple) bike to match the pink lining... Can you see Susan's shoes in there too??? HEY SUSAN!!! Did you know your shoes TOTALLY match the lining???
NEXT: Lisa G., Mel S (dig the new 'do and the specs) and Janette lei the rolled up fabric
NEXT: Rebecca smooching the pink bolt!


At 1:59 PM, Blogger sheri said...

love the lining color - and goofy photos are always good! we took our own here today at THe Career Wardrobe with the awesome "it's a big dill" banner that will soon be gracing the wall at 30th Street Station!


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