It's a Big Dill: The World's Largest Handbag!

Call us crazy... but we've decided to break the Guinness Book Record for the World's Largest Handbag! We'll be making our attempt from Sunday, July 9 - Tuesday, July 11 in the North Waiting Room of Philly's 30th Street Station! Why??? 1) To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Career Wardrobe-- a wonderful organization in Philly and 2) because we think it'd be super fun!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Day 4 - All Hands on Dill!

Today went MUCH, MUCH better. Lisa G. suggested that we get as many hands into the effort as possible-- ditching production work for the day-- and I agreed. GREAT IDEA, LISA! Dunkin Donuts also helped that situation. Iced coffees, bagels, apple crumb & boston creme donuts and a strawberry coolata. Ahhhhh... everyone was in a sugary-caffeinated daze by mid-morning... and then we kicked butt!

One team of pickles did the stickying of the exterior fabric strips (continued from yesterday)... another sewed the interior pink strips ALL together... Beth B. cut the fabric handles and the tie closure... then Reesha G. sewed the closure (welcome back, Reesha-- we hope you are feeling better!!!)...

After the sucky day yesterday, everyone seemed to have a MUCH better idea how to approach the work... so it went more quickly. Nothing like a process, eh?
We also got the exterior pocket fabric from Ryan & Stan at I went over to NJ to pick it up-- had fun with our littlest pickle fan, Hannah (Ryan's daughter)... she will be there on Sunday to meet everyone.

Speaking of the exterior pocket... It's ABSOLUTELY MAMMOTH! We decided to make it smaller than our original plan-- and it's STILL huge! 15' across. Big enough for at least 1,000 cell phones and keys. :-) We positioned the pickle emblem on it-- and it looked FAB!

Sooooo... now it's the calm before the storm. Donna G. (fresh from her trip to Italy), Rebecca L. and I will be in the studio tomorrow... we'll finish stickying the handles and sew them... and organize everything to be loaded in the U-Haul. My wonderful man, Craig P., is coming up from Baltimore to help with moving the equipment (YAY CRAIG) and will be our go-to guy on Sunday for hardware and engineering type issues (i.e. - he'll be the one who can zip down to Home Depot or Fabric Row if we need something last minute!!!).

Other good news today... it looks like LOTS of press will be coming on Monday at 2pm for the bag raising... and yours truly will be on the 10! Show on Monday morning (at 10AM)... so be sure to check that out.

Sew... with all that said and done, it's time for rest!

PHOTOS (from top to bottom):
TOP LEFT: Christa M. (with bandana) & Andrea T. position pink strips while Reesha G. sews!
TOP RIGHT: Beth B, Janette S., and Melanie F. iron the sticky the old fashioned way while KT looks on.
NEXT: The sticky crew are joined by Mel S. (in yellow!)
NEXT: Sewing the exterior pocket (GNP Stripe fabric!!!)
BOTTOM: Andrea T. surveys the length of the pocket as Reesha G. folds!


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