It's a Big Dill: The World's Largest Handbag!

Call us crazy... but we've decided to break the Guinness Book Record for the World's Largest Handbag! We'll be making our attempt from Sunday, July 9 - Tuesday, July 11 in the North Waiting Room of Philly's 30th Street Station! Why??? 1) To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Career Wardrobe-- a wonderful organization in Philly and 2) because we think it'd be super fun!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Day 6 - We Did It

And boy, did we ever. It's freakin' HUGE. Bigger than we expected... final measurements to be determined... but we do know it is approx. 29' across.

It was a long, long, long, long day... but it got done sooner than most folks thought. We started at 9:37 and and finished at approx. 6:15. Congrats to Mel S. for guessing the closest ending time... woo hoo.

I would write more except for the fact that I am exhausted and have to get up early tomorrow for TV stuff...

We still have some work to do to make the bag look pretty for the news people... but at least no more sewing.

Thank you to EVERYONE for helping out... the volunteers, the CW staff... my man, Craig P., the policeman at 30th Street, the J&O family... and a special set of thanks to the wonderful Viv Pickle team. Your teamwork, dedication, enthusiasm, thirst for iced coffee and chais never, ever cease to amaze me. I am honored to work with you all-- esp. on something that's been this important to me and the Career Wardrobe. Thank you soooo much.



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