It's a Big Dill: The World's Largest Handbag!

Call us crazy... but we've decided to break the Guinness Book Record for the World's Largest Handbag! We'll be making our attempt from Sunday, July 9 - Tuesday, July 11 in the North Waiting Room of Philly's 30th Street Station! Why??? 1) To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Career Wardrobe-- a wonderful organization in Philly and 2) because we think it'd be super fun!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day One - Puffy Time and Pickle Patch

There's a part of most Viv Pickle custom handbags that you never see... it's sewn inside the bag-- and it's what we call, "Puffy." It's actually felt, but puffy sounds more fun, don't you think? The puffy helps give our bags some stability-- and it's makes them a bit soft on the sides... since we don't use quilted fabrics for our bags, I decided a long time ago that we would need to add it for most of our bags. Perhaps I should have rethought that!!!! Sewing 17 yard (612 FEET) strips of puffy can be quite daunting-- as we discovered on Day One... Good news is-- we survived-- and it didn't take too long... and it was fun. We got to sit in the puffy puff afterwards and it was quite comfy.
Some of the challenges:

1) lining up the fabric and making sure it stayed straight as we sewed.
2) laying the new 17 yard strips on top of each other
3) folding the whole thing when we were done!

I suggested that we take it up to the parking lot outside our studio to lay it out and fold it--- but Beth suggested that we rethink that-- since it would get dirty and track icky stuff into the studio. So... we opted for the next best thing. Making a big blob of puffy and storing it on a spare table in the corner. Yay!

Also done is the ever-so-wonderful pickle patch that will be sewn to the pocket on our big bag. Becca G. did an AWESOME job of handmaking the pickle. I want to hug it frequently!!! It's sooooooooooo cute!!! It truly looks like our pickle emblem... and it's 3-D, too!

Tomorrow we will start in on sewing the lining strips together. Lots of Pink fabric coming up!

Pickle Dreams,

Pictures of our antics (from top to bottom): TOP: Susan at the sewing machine with Katie H. pulling fabric, Beth B. in back keeping fabric positioned for sewing. MIDDLE: Susan and Katie H. keeping things straight. BOTTOM: Katie H., Beth B., and Rebecca L. relaxing in the puffy pile with the pickle!


At 11:00 PM, Blogger sheri said...

Great to hear about the 'inner workings' of putting this whole thing together! Congratulations on the end of day one! ;-)

At 10:18 AM, Blogger JC said...

Good luck, this looks like great fun!

At 6:07 PM, Blogger Pink Lemonade Diva said...

"Inner workings" - nice Sheri.
Great project Susan, and I'm happy to see all the publicity you got for Viv and Career Wardrobe.

I will carry my viv clutch proudly!
(not that i don't already, of course)


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